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Dear reader

As you know, my participation in technical communities has been broad and constant since I was a university student, and until today, 17 years of experience, you can see part of my participation in this blog in the Events section of this page, I have I had the honor of being recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2015, something that fills me with pride. But behind the professional achievements, a part of my life has taken an unexpected direction.

My dear daughter Andrea, she is the only one I have, she is autistic, she is 13 years old, she is very intelligent, she got 3rd place in her school, while she was in the 6th year of primary school in the knowledge exam, she learns and understands quickly, she is good student however, the social part is something that causes a lot of stress and frustration. At the beginning of high school was where her life changed, triggering asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis, which were treated with the help of specialists during 2023, however in July 2023 my daughter was admitted to the pediatric emergency room due to seizures, among the studies generated, an electroencephalogram and tomography were performed, with which epilepsy treatment was initially indicated. However, in September 2023, an MRI was performed, the results interpreted in October gave the diagnosis of grade 3 arteriovenous malformation in the brain (you will find the video below), which already bled and caused a cerebral infarction, thanks to God is stable, the news has been hard, we trust that it will turn out well, there is treatment for this, specialized brain surgery is required. The constant search with various doctors and their recommendations found where they can perform this procedure, in Mexico City in optimal conditions.

Since my daughter got sick I have worked part-time from home to be able to take care of her 24/7, treatments are expensive, doctor visits, studies, etc., I used up my savings, I sold the valuable things I had, and I don’t have expense insurance older doctors.

This type of surgery has a very high cost that can range from 500,000 Mexican pesos (29,000 US dollars) to 1,000,000 Mexican pesos (58,000 US dollars) since it regularly requires endovascular therapy to minimize bleeding.

To pay for the surgery, I am selling an apartment together with my parents, and as it is being sold, one of my sisters and my brother-in-law, along with a friend, are supporting me to be able to pay for the surgery however, the monthly expenses exceed my income and after surgery, the treatment will continue for 3 years. We are waiting for the surgery date, most likely it will be late February or mid-March 2024, we depend on the next appointment with the neurosurgeon on January 30, 2024.

This is where I ask for your help.

I am opening a campaign accepting donations for my daughter’s treatment, “Go for Andy”, I am not an NGO so I cannot provide a tax receipt in this regard, I can only issue invoices as a natural person with business activity. Looking for platforms to carry out this campaign, the experiences of some people I know tell me how complex and frustrating it is because I am generating the campaign directly on my page.

You can help me by leaving a contribution in Paypal:

Or directly to a bank account, if you are from Mexico to:

CLABE: 002180700789146788

Name: Samantha Villarreal Torres

Bank: CitiBanamex / Banamex

Concept: Goes for Andy

Another way to help us is by hiring my online training, conferences, and consulting services with Microsoft 365 technologies, Migrations of mail to Exchange and data to the cloud in OneDrive and SharePoint, including Copilot (Artificial Intelligence) also if you require custom developments or power platform, we can review it, for that you can write to me:

One more way is to share an image or a very encouraging thought for my daughter here

This video is my daughter’s MRI study.

Additionally, I have a project in hand that will require investors in the future and will provide work for specialists in the technology area. I am carrying it out in collaboration with Luis Beltrán (Microsoft MVP).

I also put my experience with my daughter’s medical case at your disposal. If you require information from a doctor or health institution, I will gladly share the data with you.

The communities that Mujeres TICS Latam and Microsoft 365 Latam helped are still active thanks to the great team of collaborators and their love for sharing.

I appreciate your love and support as always, here I am with my little Andrea.

(When I’m afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3)

(In God—I praise his word—,
I put my trust in God; I’m not afraid. Psalm 56:4a)

Published: January 15, 2024